L’ombra de la lluna




Sometimes our evenness is like the Moon’s, it fills up, it empties; plethoric or sad,
everything happens, everything changes, everything comes back.
Carmen García Gordillo

The Moon’s shadow, Carmen Garcia’s creative blitheness.

A moon that moves and accompanies, symbol of change, from which it dies to be reborn, to be renewed. In this exhibition the Moon and its shadow look like the excuse for the search of the unknown.

For an artist’s mood with an unmistakable background and personality, work looks like a soothing game of harmony and reflection.

Intuition and letting oneself be carried away by the making energy, sometimes hidden, and discover it like the other side of the Moon, the one that never shows itself, the one we don’t show but it holds our luminous part. It’s blatant the painter enjoys it.

Through the years, several readings of the Moon show up in her work. NEW MOON as the time to take a break; CRESCENT MOON as the night that gains clarity; FULL MOON as the time of fullness and vitality; WAXING MOON as the descent of the light that carries us in the world of mysteries.

The creative liking, with the presence of nature and calmness in the paintings, is also embodied in the illustrator Carmen; what began with some sketches to illustrate a book edition then evolved to brilliant works edited by the “círculo de lectores” (readers’ club).

She joins together painting with illustration, getting a recognized work in foreign releases that are specialized in questions related to nature and yoga; besides, the designs of “calendarios lunares” (Moon’s calendars) we’ll have within our grasp are very recognizable.

In ‘La sombra de la luna’ we have almost a hundred of pictures in a wonderful path to awaken our glance with its personal palette of the colors created throughout her time, mixed with recognizable figuration, and it guarantees a calm rhythm in an exhibition that presents canvases, cardboard, papers with varied formats of recent work as well as works from previous years.

We can notice the coherence in her trajectory and discover a playful world full of life.

The charm of the moons might move you to a shared liking with Carmen García Gordillo.

Alzira, 2023, Sales Prats Gràcia, curator of the exhibition.